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Welcome to our homepage! You can reach us as follows:

(blue) Snail Mail: Kradolfer, Zihlstrasse 14, CH-8107 Buchs ZH, Switzerland
(blue) Tel.: +41 44 844 3839   (044 844 3839)
(blue)Caroline Kradolfer     Caroline      Hypnotherapie-Praxis, Buchs ZH
(blue) Urs Kradolfer Urs           Public Key
(blue) Michael Kradolfer 
(blue) Isabelle KradolferIsabelle
(blue) Silvan KradolferSilvan


Raspberry Pi: Automatisches Anzeigen von Webseiten und Fotos auf einem Raspi

Sammelsurium - Links, welche hauptsächlich von der Familie benutzt werden:

Die neuesten Test-Photos

Die neuesten Photos von Caro

Unsere Probleme mit der Basler Versicherung (Baloise) wegen einem Auffahrunfall.

Various information may be found on the server zak2 (e.g. about the method Salander and the SalanderMaps for felt earthquakes in Switzerland).

zak (e.g. about the method Salander and the SalanderMaps for felt earthquakes in Switzerland).

Our newest hobby is now Geocaching - and the whole family is excited! The usual family walk on a Sunday afternoon (Kids: "So boring!!") has now converted into a 'treasure hunt' and everybody is eager to find the cache!!!

On 23 March 2005 Silvan could invite some friends for a kart race - a late birthday present to him. See the boys just before starting and Silvan during the race; and after the race Silvan as the winner.

On 1 October 2004 I saw the movie "The Big One" by Michael Moore, produced for BBC and shown on Swiss TV. The movie impressed me a lot! Search 'Google' if you are looking for more information... (01Oct2004)
PS: Swiss TV showed this movie just prior to the first public appearance of both George W. Bush and John Kerry together in the public debate.

Our children like the page and they liked especially Killing my Software (1.39 MB).

On the webpage I found a useful keyboard for PCs with Micro$oft software installed: it's cheap and very easy to use! (29Aug2004)

Vacation in the region of 'Feusisberg' in August 2004; Isabelle and Silvan ('putting his foot on a hill') enjoyed the pool a lot.

Probleme und Kosten mit Habbo Hotel von Orange

And here is my new hobby since 15 August 2003: a Harley-Davidson FLHRI Road King; there are some pictures and also a link to a page with movies, enabling you to listen to the sound... Well, actually this is already an old hobby - unfortunately.....

And this is our private computer network at home, using both wired and wireless LAN (installed during April 2002).

From September 10th to 11th, 2000, Isabelle and Silvan sleep in a tent in our garden!

And here is our fountain, installed in August 2000...


tux We all like Linux a lot!
- We maintain a page with information on how to install Debian Linux
- We also have a page with detailed answers while installing software under Debian Linux.
- You may find our LKX useful when searching for help concerning Linux.

Never send an e-mail to the address - this address is here for technical reasons only.

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